Tuesday, July 27, 2010

3 Day Cleanse

I am doing a 3 day juice fast with TK (thank you for your support- you're amazing!!)

After researching the benefits of fasting, I figured that I would give it a try for 3 days. I have to eat friday, but if it goes well...I plan to begin again- I ultimately would love to get to 10+ days.
For me, This is not just simply fasting to cut calories...it's about cleansing the toxins and getting everything that has been accumulating out of my body.
I have done some drugs in the past (prescription and illegal) and ended up using food as my drug until about 3 weeks ago, so i want it all out!

Here is the article that gave me the desire to do this: Benefits of Fasting

I appreciate everyone's comments and support ya'll rock!


  1. I've been good today too!

    it's just after 1 and i had coffee this morning and work had this really yummy broccoli purée soup. it wasn't a cream soupl, vegetable stock and brocoli and then blended to make almost a hot broccoli juice...it was really good.

    I have orange juice for any sugar cravings that might hit through the day.

    You can totally do this just one liquid meal at a time, and keep lots and lots of water around!

  2. It's funny, cause this is the only time where i would allow myself to drink juice without feeling guilty! It's kinda nice to not feel bad about drinking apple juice (my fav!) :)