Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I am a firm believer that a positive outlook leads to wonderful things.

My best friend's wedding is October 23rd. 94 days...this is the goal date. I have not seen her in 2 years,so she has no idea how much I let myself go. I am confident that i will see results and she won't have to know. I am the maid of honor, so I have to look decent. I am strong and determined, this will not be easy, but I can do it. If only determination were enough. I have been restricting and haven't seen a great deal of movement on the scale (about 2 lbs in 1 week)...so, I'm not sure what to do except keep on restricting. At least I have not gained and overall...i am losing, just not as fast as I would prefer.

Let's think positively....*positive thoughts*....I'm a fan of positive energy and the whole concept of mind over matter. Yes, the weight is real, but the mind can do amazing things when you allow your subconscious thoughts to lead it there.
-I wanted to get rid of the bad relationship and I was convinced that the only way to do this was to sabotage myself because I knew it was too tempting to stay otherwise, so here we are....

Yoga has become my safe place. I have recently been introduced (within the past 2 months) to yoga and LOVE IT. I find that the more weight I lose, the more possibilities there are in my yoga practice. I can do more poses, Hold the poses longer,and the less belly I have-the lower to the ground I can go. I have a play list on my iPod titled "ohm"....I turn the lights out in my living room and do yoga when i feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

I love music. It's like a drug. It takes all the pain away. Any excuse to listen to music (and not just have it in the background) is something I look forward to.

Hope everyone has a great day! <3


  1. Absolutely, positive energy can only result in positive results - best of luck to you!!

  2. I totally get the music thing. My boyfriend never understands why I want to put my headphones on and block the world out sometimes, but I am completely addicted to my ipod. I swear music can get me out of a bad mood faster than anything