Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quick Update i have done fairly well...i'm going to be honest, my co workers had BBQ for lunch and it smelled SO good, so i ended up having 3 fries and 2 bites of pulled pork! I cannot be too down on myself since i have done a great job otherwise...I do feel a lot more carefree when I am fasting because I do not have to worry about whether or not i'm going to regret what I ate. Why do i have to like food? Oh well...I am happy with my progress thus far. I have a networking event this evening- wish me luck....there are free drinks...i think i might have a few ice picks, but that's all....(ice pick is: vodka, iced tea, and lemon-you can add splenda if you prefer 65ish calories). I'll probably be pretty tipsy after that since my stomach is fairly empty. Wish me luck tonight!!


  1. I'm always looking for low cal alcohol, so thanks for this. I assume you are using diet iced tea, since vodka is about 69cals?

  2. good luck!! i hope you find some really good connections. I'm trying to get my e-mails to send properly so I can post pics of my hair and makeup from today. I'll post my day once i get that working (or maybe not :p)

  3. you didn't eat much at all sweetie
    its okay
    have fun tonight!