Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend was a Bust!

I completely sucked this weekend. I ate way too many calories!

I am doing a liquid diet (no more than 300 cals) from now until I can't do it anymore (well, I'd love to do 10 days). I did pretty well last week with my 3 day fast and my biggest downfall during that was lunch (since we all get food together) because everyone wanted to bring me something to eat. My boss declared a "crash diet" for herself this morning because she has to go to the lake in a month, and I decided that I was going to declare "i'm cutting lunch out" for me, so no one will ask why i'm not eating lunch. This will save me a lot of money too.

During my 3 day fast,
I felt safe -I didn't have to worry about if the food that i was eating was going to affect the number on the scale. I liked that feeling. I just need to remember that when I get hungry.
I did notice that when i did give in to food this weekend, I didn't taste that actually made me sick to my stomach....I guess that's progress....
I slept a good portion of the weekend because I drank a whole 1.5 L bottle of Vodka beginning at 3pm friday and ending at around 3am Saturday morning.
I also started my period on Thursday evening, so i'm sure that didn't help!

I can do this. I know I can...I was too scared to weigh myself this weekend or this morning, so I will do that once i feel like the bloat goes down.

Yay for fasting!


  1. Fasts are lovely things, I think. I always feel so light when I'm fasting. I move easier because I'm not full of bloody food!

    You can do it. If it wasn't hard, every one would do it. The fact that we can means we're special. We're stronger than every one else. We just need to prove it :)

    Btw, Vodka is about 70 calories per ounce.

  2. wow... one and a half litres. I'm impressed... I think. thats like 50 one ounce shots. While not so great on calories, I know if I tried that (especially on an empty stomach) I would be so far in blackout land that I would never remember the inevitable pumping of my stomach.

  3. was during a 12 hour period :) and i broke the fast that day and ate lunch cause i knew i would be drinking!