Friday, August 6, 2010

Holistic Healing

This weekend will be one all consumed with holistic-ness :) I have a hydrocolonic appointment tomorrow at 2....I have always wanted to get this done because there are so many benefits, but never really had it on my radar as something to spend my money on. I am taking the next 2.5 months to concentrate on ME.

I plan to go to my parents on Sunday to use their infrared Sauna.

I will have to practice self control this weekend...last weekend, I ate a lot of fast food....even though it was only 1 meal a's enough to make me maintain instead of lose. I will go to the gym also...the gym is the difference between hovering between pounds and LOSING pounds.

I love sleeping in...or rather, not having to wake up. I am lucky to have a job where I get the weekends off. Lately, I mostly spend my time resting as opposed to going out and putting myself in the position to feel obligated to spend a lot of money and eat excess calories.

here's to a great weekend!


  1. ooooo.... Make sure you let us know how the hydrocolonic goes! I'm so curious.

  2. Oooh.. I'm interested in knowing how that hydrocolonic goes (in the least creepy way possible.)

    It's great that you're feeling motivated, it's giving me hope right now. And you're so right about the gym. Once you start going, you're gunna be so excited to see the results.
    Lots of luck =]