Thursday, August 5, 2010

One Month

Today is one month from when I started and I have lost another .8 lbs....I'm okay with that...i'm still in the 13, almost 14 lb loss...I don't remember the exact decimal when I started, just the whole number.

I am ok with the 13 lbs...I wish it were more as I still have about 45 to go to be at my "comfortable" weight...and then I would like to lose an additional 20-30...maybe more...depending on how far I want to take this.

I have been reading a lot about holistic medicine/healing...the website for a local hydrocolonics place also mentioned infrared saunas as a great way to lose toxins and weight....i realized, my parents (who live 20 minutes down the road) just bought an infrared sauna last year..I never really thought twice about it, but after reading about it...It's SOOOO good for you. Here is the link to the weightloss benefits....not including the toxin removal benefits. AHHH! I told my mom that i'd be coming this weekend to use it...she was like "sure!"
It's like i found gold in my backyard! I cannot wait to get in there!

Has anyone tried hydrocolonics? I'm kinda nervous about trying it for the obvious reasons....I do believe they would be helpful, but does the benefit outweigh the cost?
I would appreciate any one's thoughts about this....

Hope every one's doing well and I know I could not do this without ya'lls support! It's made a world of difference.

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  1. Why hello:)

    Thank you very much for following! It means so much, i appriciate it more than you know!

    I read through your blog, and i enjoyed reading it. It sounds like you have been through quite the journey already. I do hope as it continues, you move forward, and never backwards in your goals in and your weight loss. I hope you don't ever have to be back in the same dark places you once were. I understand those places all too well.

    You are making wonderful progress in a month's time. Your positive outlook will def. help you out in achieving your goals. Please make sure you nourish your body if that means vitamins and such, so you can stay healthy and function properly!:) im sure you know that already

    Anyways, cheers! May August be just as successful as July if not even better!