Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Downward Movement of the Scale is SOO worth the Pain!

Ok ya'll, I totally rocked it at the gym....I did 2.5 hours last night....I did an hour on the elliptical (hardcore...made sure to be faster than the skinny bitches next to me!), 30 minutes on the bike (can never really get in to that...), and one hour on the treadmill (light walking cuz i was SO tired). I went there DETERMINED that I would not leave until close....I didn't. My hips and spine hurt so badly by the time i was done....i went home, took a shower and then did some yoga- What did I ever do before yoga? I LOVE it....there is nothing better than feeling the stretch......

As far as eating goes...i haven't been eating much...Sugar Free Jello is my new BFF. I have been having 1 meal (lunch) per day since i'm working out. Yesterday I had a baked potato. I figure, I can't really do a full on liquid fast since i don't want to pass out at the gym. I really want to get to the point where I can go days without eating solids simply because it is so good for removing toxins.

So, total i have lost 13+ lbs ...tomorrow will be 1 month from my start date (I started the day after Independence day cuz i ate/drank way too much stuff on that day).

I have a massage membership and I haven't used my monthly massage, so I think i'm going to do that today... I need it after yesterday and then I plan to go to the gym once i'm finished with my massage.

Happy Hump Day everyone :)


I SO need that hips and lower back are so sore....It's all good though.

Currently listening to Three Days Grace "Pain" cuz i kept tellin my coworkers I was in it was the theme to my day. :)


  1. Oh my god! Well done! :)
    I'm really happy for you. Losing 13lbs must feel fantastic.
    Keep up the good work ^_^

  2. mmmm.... massage.

    Shiloh jealous.

    And of the 13lbs too.