Monday, August 23, 2010

OMG 60 Days Left!

As I look at the ticker on my page....the number 60 is glaring me in the face. 2 months! I still have so much to even look descent! Last week was NO CARB...I did well, but did not see any movement on the scale, however, my stomach is much flatter and my clothes fit much much better, so i know that some of my fat has been converted in to muscle. My mom even commented that she could tell and she is not very forgiving when it comes to excess weight. I remember asking her why she let me wear huge glasses when i was in grade school (as i was looking back at my school pictures) her response was "to hide your fat face" ....thanks mom :)

Anyway- I have tried very hard to no let the scale's still number get to me, but I NEED to see results this week or i will be very very upset. I have a Gym buddy that will keep me accountable...we have a date at 8pm tonight, but I might go early so I can stay longer (the gym closes at 10, but i feel like I'm being rude if i stay longer than 9:45). Still doin the No Carb thing....Wish me luck!

.....Positive energy.....*sigh* so discouraging when i don't see the scale budge....

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  1. Hey darl I know what you mean! Drives me nuts when no matter what I do the scale just doesn't budge! You're doing an incredible job though. Keep it up and the numbers will start to drop! Xx